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Release Time:2021-01-04

Chapter I General Provisions Article 1 The Name of the Alliance

1.1 The full name of the Alliance in Chinese: 一带一路草原退化荒漠化防治亚洲联盟

1.2 The full name of the Alliance in English: Asian alliance for combating grassland degradation and desertification along the Belt and Road

1.3 Abbreviation of the name of the Alliance in English: AAGDD-BR

Article 2 Purpose

The Alliance, based on the principle of peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning, mutual benefits and win-win reciprocity, partnership shall be committed to developing exchange and cooperation among members, sharing of grassland science and technology, personnel training, cultural exchange and policy communication, so as to promote innovation of science, technology and knowledge for ecosystem restoration, thus contribute to the economic and social development and environmental protection in the Belt & Road countries and regions.

Article 3 Characters

The Alliance, proposed by China Agricultural University (CAU), Chinese Grassland Society (CGS), Bioversity International East Asia office and co-initiated by voluntarily joining agricultural research institutes, education organizations and enterprises which are all interested in exchange, cooperation and innovation of science, technology and knowledge for ecosystem restoration, environmental protection, as well as culture and policy exchange for  ecosystem protection in the Belt & Road Asia countries, is a non-government, non-profit, scientific international and multilateral cooperation platform.


Chapter II Organizational Structures


Article 4 General Assembly of Members

4.1 The General Assembly of Members is the highest decision-making authority of the Alliance;

 4.2 The General Assembly of Members shall be responsible for: reviewing and amending the Charter of the Alliance; reviewing and approving the work report of the Alliance; and discussing and deciding on other major issues;

4.3 The General Assembly of Members shall be convened every 3 years, Members are eligible to apply for hosting the General Assembly of Members. Matters regarding the Assembly such as location and topics shall be determined through communication between the Executive Council and hosting member(s).

Article 5 Executive Council

5.1 The Executive Council, an organ operating under the Alliance, is responsible for the Alliance’s routine management. It shall be elected and approved at the General Assembly of Members, and shall exercise management and other obligations required in the Charter when the General Assembly of Members is not in session;

5.2 The Executive Council shall be appointed for a term of 3 years;

5.3 The Executive Council meeting shall be held every year;

5.4 The Executive Council shall enhance friendly exchange and cooperation among the members, and organize the academic activities.

Article 6 Secretariat and Secretary General

The Secretariat under the Alliance shall be responsible for the routine operations of the Executive Council. The Secretariat is located at Chinese Grassland Society (CGS), Beijing, P. R. China. The President of CGS is the Secretary General.


Chapter III Membership


Article 7 Founding Members

The institutions co-initiated the Alliance shall be the founding members.

Article 8 Admitted Members

Other institutions that intend to join the Alliance shall have to submit application to the Secretariat of the Alliance. The membership shall be granted upon the approval of 2/3 of members in the Executive Council.

Article 9 Rights of the Members

9.1 Participating in the General Assembly of Members and other activities as well as organizing the relevant activities of the Alliance, such as joint research, workshop and training;

9.2 Making recommendations to the Executive Council and the General Assembly of Members, and participating discussions on relevant issues;

9.3 Indicating the membership of the Alliance to the appropriate media or in relevant activities;

9.4 Using badges, logos or other signs of the Alliance properly without harms to the interests of the Alliance and members of the Alliance.

Article 10 Obligations of the Members

10.1 Abiding the articles of the Charter and protecting reputation of the Alliance;

10.2 Participating in activities organized by the Alliance in line with its regulations;

10.3 Providing information and document required by the Alliance;

10.4 Not engaging in activities which affect the reputations and interests of other members.

Article 11 Responsibility

The Alliance does not provide any guarantee for the behaviors by its members, and not take any responsibility for the consequences caused by inappropriate behaviors.


Chapter IV Funds


Article 12 The operating expenses including website construction and maintenance, communications and liaison, etc. shall be provided by the Secretariat;

Article 13 The costs incurred during the General Assembly of Members, forums, or other activities of the Alliance, which include meeting room rent, facility, documents, translation, stationeries, local transportation, tour and banquets etc., shall be raised by the hosting member, along with possible sponsorship from enterprises or other institutions. Members who attend the aforementioned events will cover their expenses of international travel, accommodation, medical and accident insurance by themselves in principle. There is possibility that the executive committee of the Alliance support some members participating in the meeting when fund is available.


Chapter V Scope of Cooperation


Article 14 Joint research

To refine the important, significant, long-term and universal problems of grassland science and technology in grassland sustainable development in the Belt and Road countries of Asia, to organize proposals and apply grants for joint researches.


Article 15 Exchange and sharing

To enhance grassland monitor and evaluation, grassland restoration by native species, native seed increase, grassland conservation, grassland utilization, policy, post processing, information exchanging and sharing by holding forums, symposiums, demonstration and training. The cooperation achievements in scientific research, patent and other intellectual property rights and the benefit sharing of other property rights contributed by Alliance are all discussed and approval by the partners.

Article 16 Personnel training

The Alliance members are required to set up open research positions and provide research support conditions, through the way of scientific research and training to the outstanding talents of agricultural science and technology in Belt and Road countries.

Article 17 Policy Communication

Members are encouraged to provide advices on grassland policies and mutual learning for policy-makers in regional countries by conducting collaborative grassland laws and policy researches.


Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions


Article 18 The Charter will take effect upon the approval of the General Assembly of Members of the Alliance.

Article 19 The Secretariat of the Alliance reserves the right to the interpretation of this Charter